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ER 265

Entry-level ECR with thermal printing, flat spill-resistant keyboard, and full-size heavy duty cash drawer. Unique black cabinet will complement retail and bar environments.

Product Summary

Additional Features

• Cash, Check, Charge, Paid Out and

Received on Account Finalizing Keys

• Post Tendering

• Optional Compulsory Tendering

• Coupon and Discount % Keys

• Void Key lock Position

• Full Size Cash Drawer Includes a

Removable 5 Bill, 5 Coin Drawer

Insert, Two Media Slots and Security

Key lock

• Check Cashing

• Cancel Key

• Optional Ellix 10 Kitchen Printer

• Optional PC Utility

• Electronic Journal

Price: $00.00

A compact low-cost electronic cash register to

meet the basic needs of many small businesses.

The ER-265 features an all metal cash drawer with

two media slots and security drawer lock.


• High Speed Thermal Printing with Drop and Print

Paper Loading

• Ten Digit Blue Fluorescent Front and Rear


• Flat, Spill-Resistant Programmable Keyboard

with 15 Keyboard PLUs

• 1000 Open or Preset Price Look-Ups (PLUs)

• Up To Ten Clerks or Cashiers with Separate

Report Totals

• Seven Position Key Control Security

• Standard RS-232C Port for PC Communications

or an External Kitchen Printer

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SAM4s ER-265 ECR