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UP 820

The UP-820N offers advanced, easy-to-use features that allow you to customize your Point-of-Sale System for your hospitality or retail needs. This two-station printer and raised keyboard POS System offers enhanced software features combined with a new innovative touch screen and programmable keyboard that are designed to increase speed of service when entering transactions. With integrated easy-to-use software and flexible configuration options, the UP-820N can easily grow as your business needs evolve.

Product Summary

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· Color LCD Touch Panel The 6.5" color LCD backlit display details eight lines of on-screen information, making it easy for servers to verify orders and confirm sales data

· Quick Customer Service Delivers enhanced speed as well as more accurate order entry. Time-saving features include fast keyboard entry, touch-screen operation for modifiers and choices, plus flexible function menus that combine special functions for fast and efficient actions.

· Easy-To-Use Interface Automated prompts and simple, customized screens make it easy for staff and managers to enter information quickly and accurately.

· Enhanced Control With Standard Ethernet Can function as a central terminal for all others in the location. Ethernet capability enables POS data to be combined centrally, so you can save time closing out and totaling.

· Sharp Intelligent Data Enterprise * (SIDE) Designed for businesses with multiple locations, SIDE leverages the power of the internet to view automatically polled datafrom multiple stores.

· SDW Back Office Software Solution * Easily increase the functionality of your Sharp POS system with SDW Software, a truly dynamic solution for providing the capability for advanced polling, reporting and programming.

· Additional Features Compact cabinet design, Standard 5 bill/6 coin cash drawer, full range of PLU/UPC/EAN codes, Price Inquiry/change for UPC, Group discounts, Tray subtotal, Multiple menu levels, Tip and edit tip function, Macro Function keys, PLU menu keys, credit/debit/gift card interface options.

UP 820N

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